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How to reclaim the work/life balance while continuing WFH and still be at our most productive

How to reclaim the work/life balance while continuing WFH and still be at our most productive

How can we best continue to maximise our productivity whilst maintaining that fine boundary between our work and private life?

Working from home, while not an entirely a new concept for some, has become the new normal for most of us. However, it’s not an ideal choice for many, especially when trying to maintain that perfect work life balance. It may surprise us to find however that, according to some studies, WFH can in fact increase productivity; providing workers with increased flexibility. So, as many of us have not yet returned to our work- places and perhaps have experienced lows in our motivation levels, here are some ways to stay productive.

Reclaim your work boundaries

Since your work is now in your own home, you may have already found yourselves doing more hours. For those of you who have been struggling, it’s not too late for you to reclaim your work boundaries; working normal office hours and having a definitive cut-off point in the evening will prove a great help. This approach allows you to be productive in your work hours but also allows you a guilt free exit at the end of the working day. Allowing yourself time to relax and recharge your batteries in your down time, is essential for maintaining high productivity levels in the long term.

Confine your workspace

Create a designated space of work. Ideally this would be a home office or a separate room in your house. However, if this isn’t possible, it’s still important to mark out even a section or corner of a room, however limited. Working from the space, where you eat or socialise, is hard when creating the divide between leisure and work. If you can, only go to your designated space when you need to work and keep your work- space out of sight when enjoying time to yourself. Out of sight out of mind, giving your brain time to relax from work.

Take breaks and avoid “cabin fever”

Take breaks away from your workspace during the work- day. We all need that headspace. This is proven to increase productivity. Take yourself outside as much as possible. Commutes to and from work are now cut out; so, if you haven’t already, make up for the loss of the walk to the bus, by doing some laps around the block.

Follow an accountable schedule

It’s important to continue to follow a set routine as you would do in the office. This continuity will help you sustain your motivation and focus. Hold more regular meetings with colleagues, to better hold yourself accountable for the completion of unfinished tasks. Establish daily targets to measure your productivity. Meeting your goals for that day will increase your sense of well-being as well as adding value to your business.


It’s very important to avoid isolating yourself, and to stay connected. You may have been working at home for so long now that you have lost touch with work colleagues. Maintaining maximum contact with your fellow employees, helps foster creativity, enhances productivity, helps keep you motivated and let’s face it, even keeps you sane. Holding virtual meetings and even catch-ups, during your lunch break, will remind you that you are still part of a team.

Over 25 years and going strong!

Over 25 years and
going strong!