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How to have a successful virtual job interview

How to have a successful virtual job interview

We are living in a virtual reality...

Online communication is the new norm. The world of recruitment is no different, face to face interviews have turned to virtual interviews through platforms such as VidCruiter, my interview and Zoom. Implementing the following tips will put you on track to having a successful interview.

Arrange your interview space carefully

Arranging the space where you want to execute your interview is vital. You don’t want any distractions grabbing the interviewer’s attention. Create a clean, professional-looking background. If you don’t have a home office this can be done by simply choosing a clean and clear wall, then placing a chair and table in front of it. Make sure there is no clutter, as you want to be the focus.

Dress for Success

Dress for the role that you want. The dress code for virtual interviews isn’t any different to face to face interviews. You want to present the best version of yourself by dressing in a professional manner. This will also help you feel confident throughout the interview.

Eliminate Distractions

Make sure you have informed your house mates or family about your scheduled interview. You do not want any background noise that will distract you from delivering a great interview. Choose a quiet spot in a closed off room (if possible). Another important tip is to shut down any programs on your computer that may interrupt the interview. These programmes can also interfere with your connection and you don’t want any disruptions during your call.

Interviewing Rules Still Apply

Prepare in the exact same way as you would when heading to a face to face interview. Spend time researching the role you are applying for. Know the company’s background and how you will add value to the business. Preparation is just as important. Make sure you have prepared answers to potential interview questions. You’ll find lots of useful information on interview preparation on the web. The interview rules still apply!

Practice makes perfect!

Becoming familiar with virtual interviews is key. You want to feel and therefore look comfortable and confident to the interviewer. Doing some trial runs is a great idea. Practising your interview ahead of time means you can make yourself a list of any necessary reminders. You want to be fully set up and ready to go!. Ask your friend, partner or a family member to help by doing some practice runs. You can also screen record your practice and watch it back to improve.

Over 25 years and going strong!

Over 25 years and
going strong!