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How To Foster Culture During Uncertain Times.

How To Foster Culture During Uncertain Times.

How To Foster Culture During Uncertain Times.

A company’s culture is derived from the core values and beliefs of the organisation and it impacts and defines the environment in which employees work. Companies that maintain a healthy culture during times of uncertainty, but also move towards an innovative and flexible approach in line with great change, can become the leaders when it comes to growth and recruitment.

A transparent approach

Implementing a transparent approach is key to keeping an employee’s loyalty. Addressing changes and anxieties with an open and honest approach will reassure employees that the changes are being acknowledged and dealt with, which in turn can reduce the feeling of uncertainty. It’s important to remember a strong culture that flourishes is based on an amalgamation of the individuals who make up the organisation. Keeping these employees up-to-date with current developments within the business increases their confidence in the security of their roles, which in turn positively impacts their motivation and productivity.

Implementing a strong communication structure

Encourage listening. It is important to ensure that employees’ voices are heard. In uncertain times people want to know that their fears and worries are being listened to, recognised, and considered when important decisions are being made. Create a safe space to allow individuals to air their opinions. It may prove beneficial for a director to listen from a different standpoint. Fostering effective communication between employees can bring a positive, united environment and encourage collaboration. It can be a lonely time for staff who are working from home during this pandemic. Staying connected is important; using effective technology to allow employees to communicate easily will ensure good levels of productivity. Staff catch ups and brainstorming ways to stay connected are good ideas to keep positivity levels up. A Zoom quiz is always a good way to raise spirits!

Get creative and adapt with change

Keeping core values and beliefs as a benchmark but developing them in line with change, with a creative, flexible approach is important to keeping a business on top. Consider the ways you can keep the spirit of your culture alive. It may not be within budget to keep some of the programmes running that you use to maintain the culture. However, it’s beneficial to think outside the box to bring in new ideas. For example, rewards and recognition schemes may not be feasible but you can practise recognition at work through other approaches. Having a modern, up-to date culture will give you a competitive edge when attracting top talent.

Over 25 years and going strong!

Over 25 years and
going strong!