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How Competitive Firms are Prioritising Hiring

How Competitive Firms are Prioritising Hiring

How competitive Firms are Prioritising Hiring

We will be discussing this period for decades to come. This time has been compared to defining moments in history such as 911 – we all know where we were, and we will never forget it. Needless to say, what we are going through is something none of us have experienced in our lifetime.

As owner of PKL Recruitment I have been staying in touch with CEOs and investors to understand how leadership is managing through this extraordinary time of uncertainty. Everyone; our clients included are carefully evaluating their current situations: their organisational structures, cash positions, growth plans, and hiring strategies. In turn, each of them is then assessing their positions from before COVID-19 shook everything from the world health community to the global economy in order to know how to move forward.

What does this mean for recruitment? What I have perceived so far is that competitive companies are reprioritising with the aim to come out of this situation in a strong a position as the competition for acquiring new talent moves up a notch. They understand the importance of gaining an advantage because they know that what actions they implement today will make a difference when the storm passes.

“knowledge, skills, capabilities and competencies”

As identified in Jim Collins book Good to Great – when it comes to hiring in the face of this unprecedented time companies are identifying and hiring the most crucial roles. “knowledge, skills, capabilities and competencies” are critical and will drive a company’s long-term growth and success. Boards and CEOs are quite clearly saying, “We are still hiring.”

For example, one of my clients is proceeding with a new Business Development Manager role. They are prioritising this and seeing it as an investment. They know the groundwork they do now will bring opportunities to the company in the long run.

For boutique specialist recruiters this is their moment to shine.  Agencies are being called upon to help support and address some of the major challenges that our Healthcare, IT, HR and Logistics sectors are facing.  When other companies are questioning if it is feasible to continue onwards with so much uncertainty ahead, adept specialist recruiters are working in partnership with futuristic competitive employer companies. Specialist agencies are sourcing best talent through their extensive networks for critical roles whilst also offering innovative and alternate collaborative services for their clients. Unbundled services such as shortlisting overwhelming applicant responses saves their clients time and ensures their client’s brand retains customer loyalty and contributes to their reputation as leaders in their field.

Progressive companies are developing alternative strategies to attract, engage, and screen for prospective candidates.  Video conferencing is the primary means of communication and work from home is our new normal.  During this time of immense uncertainty organisations with, strong leadership teams that actively recruit critical roles and use savvy recruitment agencies now, will be in the best competitive position once the dust settles.

Over 25 years and going strong!

Over 25 years and
going strong!