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Hiring Executive Assistants – A Must For A Successful Business

Hiring Executive Assistants – A Must For A Successful Business

Talented, proactive, resourceful Executive Assistants have proven to be the backbone of many businesses.

Having their finger on the pulse of the organisation places them in a unique position to help directors and managers stay on target, to achieve their vision and goals. Here are just a few of the myriad of ways Executive Assistants are adding value to businesses – proving that they are a must for all successful businesses.

Tech savvy

The indispensable, technological skills’ set of EA’s have proved vital for the smooth transitioning to working remotely. Virtual meetings are a must for keeping the CEO in front of their work team and client/customers. EA’s are familiar with all the features of the web-based video conferencing tools such as Zoom, TeamPlayer and Skype. They schedule meetings in advance maintaining a valuable line of communication between all business stakeholders. EA’s can add a professional touch by ensuring the smooth running of these virtual meetings, maximising all the screen-sharing features, sharing meeting agendas, resources and even other more pictorial information in the most visual, interactive and engaging way. They keep accurate records of these meetings, ensuring minutes are sent out via email to all participants as required.

They save time

EA’s manage the many time-consuming administrative tasks that comes with any business. They play a key role in keeping the business running seamlessly, allowing the directors to focus more productively on the bigger picture. An EA can act as a buffer between directors and employees or client/customers, answering day to day questions ultimately saving time and money. An efficient EA makes it a priority to be well- informed about the business, its goals and the vision and the priorities of its executives. They can save time by carrying out essential, time-consuming, background research on aspects of the organisation, such as market trends enabling directors to make more informed decisions and staying at the cutting edge of their business.

They represent you

EA’s are perceived as the face and voice of the organisation. Liaising effectively with staff and client/customers they can add prestige and professionalism to the business image and culture. When directors are caught up with maintaining and expanding the business the all-important communication and personal touch with clients and staff can be easily lost. EA’s are that link, bridging the communication gap. EA’s who are the “right fit” and have make it their business to know their directors well have been found to take initiatives to pre-empt oversights of their busy director. Many directors would admit that their EA’s keep them on time for meetings, remind them of important events or personal details of staff or clients and keep them on target to meet deadlines. They would be lost without their EA!

Over 25 years and going strong!

Over 25 years and
going strong!