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Endeavour for success: Why employee investment is critical and will save your business money.

Endeavour for success: Why employee investment is critical and will save your business money.

Why employee investment is critical and will save your business money.

We, as a business, have seen firsthand, the benefits of employee investment. From inhouse employee training, external tutorials, and upskilling seminars we have reaped the benefits of loyal employees who are motivated and feel valued. This in turn has meant our employees here at PKL are highly productive and positive, each bringing a wide range of strong skills. Training with the latest technology allows employees to have an open-minded, innovative approach and provide a great all-round service.

We are living in a digital age

We are living in the digital age and a Business’ reputation can be made or destroyed at the touch of a button. A business’ online reputation can be easily viewed by anyone which includes top talent, customers/ consumers. Platforms like Glassdoor allows employees and ex-employees to write firsthand reviews about a business. In today’s highly competitive market one bad review from an unhappy employee on Glassdoor could be the factor that leads someone to a different business whether it be working for or buying a product. Ensuring that employees needs are met in the workplace and striving for employee job satisfaction can therefore be a massive factor in giving your business’ a positive reputation.

Reduces staff turnover

Replacing an employee can be highly costly especially if they are top talent. Between advertising open positions, training a new employee and the loss in productivity of a new employee trying to learn the ropes (new hires simply aren’t as productive as the person they’re replacing and it may take a year or two to get to that level). Helping to reduce the turnover in staff by implementing ways to maintain job satisfaction such as training or providing career progression opportunities will be a sure way to save money in the long term.

Employees have the ability to create a better brand

Positive, motivated employees are more likely to develop a strong brand through developing positive external relationships with clients. Naturally, employees who are satisfied and happy in their roles strive to deliver high quality service with consistency, resulting in a better overall brand, attracting more clients and great client reviews. Essentially happy employees are free advertising for your business; by creating growth opportunities and ensuring employees are feeling satisfied in their role, they will naturally share their positive experiences with the people in their professional network.

Equipping employees to work independently avoids costly over-management

Training your employees effectively to give them the confidence and tools they need to manage their role efficiently can avoid wasted time on micromanagement. Time is costly especially when over management from a superior can mean less time spent on their individual role. Therefore investing in training so that employees can work in an independent manner and are able to make smart decisions will save your business time and money.

Over 25 years and going strong!

Over 25 years and
going strong!