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Develop your soft Skills and stand out in 2020/2021

Develop your soft Skills and stand out in 2020/2021

Today, having a growth mindset and upskilling to stand out to an employer is vital.

It is a must in the current employment climate; not only to demonstrate good technical skills, but to also be able to practise and develop soft skills. Soft skills relate to “how” you work. There is a growing demand for human skills. Being a candidate who communicates clearly, solves problems, and demonstrates good teamwork, are just a few of the soft skills that are perceived as very important in a business environment today. Soft skills can be a deciding factor between two candidates who have similar technical skills. Whilst some of these skills are inherent in an individual, these skills can be further developed both inside and outside the workplace. Invest in these soft skills and be successful.

Emotional intelligence
Having a high EQ (Emotional intelligence) is viewed as very important in many roles today. It relates to how we can manage our own emotions and navigate other people’s emotions. This highly valuable skill helps improve communication, management, and relationships within the workplace. Businesses value candidates who demonstrate a high EQ, as it can help improve the company’s culture. Employees with a high EQ can better demonstrate an understanding and respect for the emotional wellbeing of their colleagues which in turn fosters productivity.

Resilience is the ability to cope with the ups and downs that life inevitably brings. In a workplace setting, ups and downs and especially challenges can be a weekly occurrence. One must be able to deal with and navigate frustrating situations, heavy workloads and constructive criticism whilst simultaneously being able to be productive. Workplaces are often ever-changing and stressful environments, and the challenges they present can truly test a person’s resilience. Training yourself to be able to maintain a strong, positive perspective will help you deal with stress, remain flexible and help you excel in your role.

Team player
It’s important to be able work well as part of a team in today’s business world. Modern workplaces are increasingly embracing a more collaborative, team- based approach to finding creative solutions to business challenges. Therefore, being able to work with others to meet the goals of the business is essential for success. Demonstrating that you are an effective team player will be imperative to catching the attention of that interview panel or landing that promotion.

Creativity can enable problem solving in the workplace. Creativity enhances our ability to look at problems with a different perspective and encourages us to think outside the box in order to find more innovative solutions. Creative employees are often more engaged and positive, perceiving problems as exciting challenges. If we want to stay at the cutting edge in a competitive world, developing our ability to think outside the box will be our ticket to success.

Leadership Skills
Developing your leadership skills are a sure way to stand out. Good leaders are important in a business. It’s a great plus to your employment skill’s profile if you are capable of positively inspiring other employees to be productive while leading by example. A good leader can overcome all challenges whilst retaining balance, productivity, and a healthy culture for those that work alongside them.

Over 25 years and going strong!

Over 25 years and
going strong!