Meaningful matching. One career and one client at a time.

PKL’s offices in New South Wales and Victoria are powered by a team of ambitious professionals who are proud to empower people to reach fulfillment and success in their career.

More than recruitment.

We guide talented people through the journey to their dream job. From interview prep and resume revamps to salary negotiations and post interview advice. We're here with you through it all. Simply contact us and we’ll set up the most convenient time to chat about your goals and what you crave in your next position.


A tailored experience, refined over 23 years.

Together we tailor our recruitment process to a talent management strategy that works for your unique workplace. Our extensive network, relationships and reputation allows us to access the highest quality candidates in the market. We have perfected our recruitment process through over two decades of experience with real people, just like you.

Bringing You:

Accessible Quality

Proud Innovation

Energetic Connections

Transparent Partnerships