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New (Financial) Year, New You!

Because sometimes you need to push the reset button

You may have already made your new years resolutions in January; however I find that the new financial year is a great time to re-evaluate your career and push the reset button on your goals.

Here are my top 10 new financial year resolutions for 2017-18:

1. Update your resume

Even if you’re not looking for a new job, It’s always best to keep your resume current; it’s easier to update as you go along!

2. Clean up your online profiles

Are you comfortable with a potential employer seeing what’s on your Facebook or Instagram accounts? It’s a good idea to think about what career you’d like to get into, ask yourself what’s your personal brand and the image that you’d want to portray?

3. Make a wish list

What are the companies you’d like to work for? Do your research to see if the culture and values match you.

4. Widen your skillset

Taking action when it comes to your own training and development can open up plenty of doors. It’s as easy as taking short courses, webinars or workshops. Because you can never have enough skills.

5. Network

Sign up for networking groups, get you out there! You never know who you might meet. If it’s an industry-related group this is your perfect opportunity to ask questions about a career path that interest you and what you need to do to get there.

6. Find a mentor

Everyone needs a mentor, they provide the guidance, support and experience to help you to perform better at work.

7. Create a 5-year career plan

Whether it’s creating a vision board, making a list or timeline, It’s always good to get clarity on where you’d like to see yourself in the next 5 years and the steps you have to take to get there!

8. Stay fit

Exercise lowers stress, lifts your mood and keeps you healthy, need I say more!?

9. Do something scary

Yes, you read correctly! Do something scary… That means, get out there and push yourself to do something you wouldn’t normally feel comfortable doing, this could be; public speaking, meeting a new group of people, participating in extreme sports or volunteering. It’s an amazing feeling to get the heart pumping and push yourself to achieve something that you’re most afraid of!

10. Make time for play

Last but definitely not the least, in fact it’s my top resolution goal. We get so caught up in achieving, succeeding or working that we forget to have fun while we accomplish our goals… Go the beach, catch up with friends or family, play sport, do what makes you feel alive. Because, life’s too short to spend it stressing about the future!

About the author - Rachel Stefanovski

Rachel Stefanovski is the General Manager of PKL Recruitment, leading the NSW and VIC state offices. Rachel takes great satisfaction in setting a strong and motivated team culture through engaging with intelligent and driven recruitment consultants. Contact Rachel directly via LinkedIn or




Winter Networking Do’s and Don’ts

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know!

The importance of networking, there is a science to effective networking, making polite conversation is just one aspect of creating successful and long-lasting key business contacts. As the old saying goes “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” Some of this is true, you do need knowledge in the field you’re working or looking to work in. However, it’s the network you have around you that can help elevate you, in the career you desire.

It’s normal to feel a little intimidated, especially if there are contacts in the room you would like to impress. Understanding networking etiquette is essential to your future career success. Below I have listed my top Do’s (and Don’ts) that will help you to leave a lasting impression with anyone you meet.


  1. Introduce yourself and others                                
  2. Remember Names                                                
  3. Prepare your Elevator Pitch                                  
  4. Get out there
  5. Connect on LinkedIn  
  6. Listen and make mental notes
  7. Follow up the next day with a polite email


  1. Focus on one person
  2. Get Drunk
  3. Boast and rattle on
  4. Be Shy
  5. Not connect on LinkedIn
  6. Interrupt
  7. Forget to follow up

It doesn’t end there! You have to follow up with your contacts and nurture the relationships, to make it worthwhile… Don’t expect to reap the rewards straight away; what do you have to offer your contact in return? Maybe it’s a brilliant idea, a business partnership or a unique skill. So what are you waiting for, get out there!

About the Author – Rachel Stefanovski 
Rachel Stefanovski is the General Manager of PKL Recruitment, leading the NSW and VIC state offices. Rachel takes great satisfaction in setting a strong and motivated team culture through engaging with intelligent and driven recruitment consultants. Contact Rachel directly via LinkedIn or 

Laser Focus Your Attention

Multitasking is very much ingrained in our lives thanks to technology, social media and the internet. We are constantly distracted and expected to move quickly from one task to the next and back again. You may think you are great at multitasking but something always has to give and inevitably you end up giving attention to one task more than the other.

Business Support and Sales Recruitment is often reactive and as a team here at PKL Recruitment we make a conscious effort to ensure we still exercise laser focus on a daily basis. So how do you improve your laser focus technique?

We asked Sophie Robertson from Younique Coaching for her thoughts on this -

“Laser focus is about applying focus to the things that matter. Have you noticed how some people seem to get a lot more done even though everyone has the same 168 hours per week? They do not have more time. However they do the things that will make the most difference.”

“Brian Tracy talks about this in his book “Eat that frog”, which is about doing the hardest things first in a day, so they get done. Sometimes when we procrastinate, we do the easy non - important things to avoid eating the frog.”

“In recruitment, many recruiters find doing Business Development  the hardest, but often it is also the most important to keep their pipelines full. So for them eating the frog means doing BD first. Whatever your job is, determine what must be done for success and ensure you do this every day and preferably first, so it never gets missed out.”

“When applying laser focus, it is important to be specific, so it is not enough to say “I will make BD calls”. It needs to be “I will make BD calls till I achieve 3 meetings”, then the purpose of the calls is clear, so it doesn’t become calling for callings sake. Laser focus is also about being pro-active and not reactive in your work day.”

Leave your devices alone: Checking your phone, social media and emails will only distract you! Don’t reply to emails or texts straight away, finish your current task, and check your devices at allocated intervals.

Plan your work: This may sound like an extra task, but by planning what you want to achieve. You are able to prioritise your work load and get the hardest task done first.

Set a timer: One of my first managers in Recruitment gave me this tip and it’s something I still use today. Set yourself some achievable start and stop times for each task. Use a timer, this will ensure you stay on track.

By focusing on one task at a time, you give each task or team member your full attention. This is called ‘Laser Focus.’ Having the satisfaction of completing tasks in this way leaves you feeling less stressed and you get more done, less is actually more in this case!

About the Author – Rachel Stefanovski 
Rachel Stefanovski is the General Manager of PKL Recruitment, leading the NSW and VIC state offices. Rachel takes great satisfaction in setting a strong and motivated team culture through engaging with intelligent and driven recruitment consultants. Contact Rachel directly via LinkedIn or

Aim For Workplace Value

“Strive not for success. But rather to be of value” Albert Einstein

Being an integral part of your company is so important, as is achieving your goals. Success follows when you demonstrate value in your role. Value is the relevant worth or importance you can give to your work and others. You may have a specific skill that is unique to your role which is highly regarded in the team.

So why aim for Value?

The significance of value; value serves others as well as self; you are motivated to see others achieve as well as yourself. As a person of value, you aim for long-term growth for the organisation and enjoy being part of a team. You remain dedicated to being an asset to your workplace through your talents and strive for valuable contribution. Having the right attitude and being a team-player are attributes that leaders look for in prospective candidates. Knowing you have the right attitude to fit into new work environments easily by being a team player as well as striving for long-term growth in your career.

Pursue a profession that suits your gifts, before chasing recognition or wealth. In the long run, you’ll enjoy being at work and achieve success by default… Because you love what you do!

If you’re not currently in a role or seeking a career that suits your talents, get in contact with us today!

About The Author – Justin Culhane

In 2015, Justin joined PKL Recruitment as the Melbourne Team Leader for Business Support. Justin is dedicated to building a strong and collaborative team environment that achieves targets and is passionate about recruitment and the PKL Recruitment brand. His is experienced in sales and business development and thrives on managing a motivated, intelligent and engaged team. Contact Justin directly on or on LinkedIn.  

A Temporary Hire With Lasting Success

5 good reasons why a temporary hire may be the right decision for your business.

Temporary staff are assisting businesses from every sector to facilitate growth initiatives allowing businesses to flexibly increase their headcount to meet project and seasonal employment demands.

With the holiday season just around the corner, you may require additional support to maintain momentum in your business as you approach the summer months. A temp may just be the solution your business needs.

There are five compelling reasons why you should consider appointing temporary staff:

1. Adaptability

School holidays, major events, and festive season plans can be challenging. You need to ensure your business and customer needs are met while allowing your team the flexibility to attend to family commitments and social events. Temp staff allows your business to continue operating and ensure your staff get the breaks they need.

2. Say "Yes!"

Winning a new project is an exciting time for any business, however also places additional strain and workload on the existing team. Temp staff can be a great solution, allowing your key personnel to focus on the new account and core business with the support of a skilled temp team. 

3. Timing

Recruiting a new permanent employee is a big decision and may take several weeks to identify, appoint and train a new recruit. Appointing a temp means you can have an appropriately qualified and skilled employee on board the same day. A professional recruiter can assist you in defining your needs and sourcing the right talent, so you can focus on your business.

4. Flexibility

Maintaining a fluid and flexible temp roster means you can scale up or down depending on your business needs. A business with a flexible roster of temps is ready for any situation and can quickly cover unplanned absences.

5. Think of the Future

Hiring temps is a great way to maintain high visibility on emerging talent. Companies that have a flexible approach to recruiting temp staff benefit by being able to review individual performance without having to make a permanent hiring decision. When high potential talent is recognised, the employer can extend the appointment as required.

Whether it’s for urgent, seasonal or project-based needs, consider a temporary hire from a trusted recruitment agency – it can be a great move for long-term success.

PKL Recruitment specialises in recruitment solutions for temporary, contract and permanent roles in business support and call centres across a variety of industries. For more information on finding quality temporary staff, please visit

About the Author – Shannon Lippert

As PKL Recruitment’s New South Wales Branch Manager, Shannon is responsible for both the Temporary and Permanent Divisions. Since joining the PKL Recruitment team in 2013, Shannon has always lead from the front, guiding and growing the Sydney PKL Recruitment Branch to one of the most successful recruitment teams in Sydney. Contact Shannon directly on or on LinkedIn.



Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

Is it time for a Career Health Check?

Did you know only 20% of people are working in their dream job? 

Are you one of the lucky 20%? If not, it may be time for a career health check!

Assessing your current role is a natural step as you consider your career advancement. It’s important to review your current role and perform a career health check every few years. Start thinking proactively, even if you are not quite ready for the big leap. A simple way to start the process is by researching companies and networking within your industry to increase your exposure to new opportunities.

A career health check doesn’t have to wait. It can be an on-going activity that explores if you are enjoying your work and if your current role is accelerating your career or just paying the bills. 

Key considerations for an effective career health check include: 

  • Access to training and new skill development 
  • Opportunities for promotion and career advancement 
  • Business expansion and associated growth opportunities 
  • Industry growth trends and the potential impact of economic fluctuations  

When performing a career health check, you need to be clear about your career aspirations and be willing to make a change if necessary. There is no point in identifying gaps in your current role if you are unwilling to do anything about it. It may also be worthwhile discussing career progression with your employer as they may be willing to invest in your development if they value the contribution you make to the company. 

Whether you are comfortable in your current role or are seeking exciting new opportunities, our team of recruitment consultants can help you! We are dedicated to taking the time to get to you know you – your career aspirations, skills and requirements – to ensure that we can source the right career opportunity for you. Visit to search our current opportunities. 

About the Author – Fleur Mumford
Fleur Mumford in the Victorian State Manager for PKL Recruitment with more than 18 years of recruitment experience. Building a strong, dedicated and fun business culture motivates Fleur, who consistently strives to achieve success.  

For more information about PKL Recruitment and to explore your career opportunities, contact Fleur today via LinkedIn