What Did You Do Last Summer?

Sun, parties, holidays… That’s summer to most people, what if you have career goals to achieve?

Do you want to have fun this summer without jeopardising your career aspirations? Well you can! The ‘party season’ is the prime opportunity to get out and join professional networking groups whilst having fun. A good place to start is to look outside of your professional circle, focus on hobbies that interest you. You will meet people that share similar interests, these people could become long term, professional contacts and friends.

Support a cause close to your heart, Volunteer at charities that will help to make a difference to others in need. Or attend charity events, you will not only feel great that you’re making a difference, but meet amazing people in the process.

Do it digital, online meet up platforms such as bring the network to you! There are so many different groups to choose from, whether its language groups, art, culture or business groups, you can find it here. You can even create your own!

You can mix business with pleasure, I find as long as you’re armed with a plan of what you want to achieve in the holidays, then you’re on track to having your most productive and fun summer yet!


About the Author – Matthew James

Matthew James started his recruitment career in early 2016 at PKL Recruitment. Since then, with the training and support of both internal and external coaches he has built the confidence and skills to provide a personal service to his clients and candidates. Matthew prides himself on building relationships and embarking on a journey with his candidates to ensure a stress free and seamless process. Contact Matthew directly on or on LinkedIn.