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The Top 3 Benefits Of Temporary Employment

Finding your feet in the current job market can be challenging, however temporary work can provide immediate employment and provide opportunities for the future. Here are three reasons how a temporary role can help build your career and provide great growth opportunities.

1. Flexibility   

One of the most attractive benefits of temping is flexibility. Being able to choose your work hours based on personal preferences means you can maximise your income earning potential while enjoying the benefits of more personal time. You can use your free time to relax, exercise or ramp up your job search. Either way, you are getting the best of both worlds.

2. Experience

Another benefit of being a temporary employee is the opportunity to gain valuable new experiences. Temporary roles have greater flexibility than permanent roles and the opportunity to use and acquire ‘transferable skills’ is generally greater. Temps often have the opportunity to work across different industries, acquire new skills and add new experiences to their resume. 

3. Networking

Finding the right role in the future is as much about who you know as what you know. Developing a broad network across industries, companies and levels of management is one of the most effective ways to build your personal brand. Temping is a great way to quickly establish or build your network. This is especially true for candidates who have just arrived form overseas or moved interstate.

Knowing how to network is a critical skill for any employee and being a temp allows the freedom to move from company to company or across departments whilst making valuable connections. 

Temporary jobs can be a huge career boost providing you make the most of the opportunity. The potential for growth and professional visibility is huge. It is also an excellent entry point into the workforce for people just starting their career. 

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