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The Recruiter

Many have negative misconceptions when they hear the word ‘recruiter.’ Whilst you may think we are only out to serve ourselves, there’s more than meets the eye in our industry.

What does a recruiter do exactly?

We do more than just read through hundred’s of CV’s and shortlist candidates. Our work requires us to build relationships everyday, not just with our clients and candidates but with our peers in recruitment too. As recruiters, we make it our business to stay informed with current changes and challenges our industry is faced with. The recruitment industry changes so rapidly. That’s why it’s important for our business to stay original, be an industry leader and create a culture of innovation.

What’s the benefit of using a recruitment agency?

A recruitment agency will take the time to publish job ads and videos to entice talent to apply for the role and contact candidates through our existing networks and database. We review CV’s and shortlist candidates that match the skills and requirements of the role. Conduct in depth interviews and select candidates based on your needs and most importantly candidates who fit the culture of your company. Skills are obviously key but a culture fit is harder to find – that is why a face - to face interview is essential. We also make sure candidates are suitable for the role through skill testing along with complete and thorough reference checks.

After all, it’s our job to make sure you get the right candidates and save you the stress, time and therefore money!


About the Author – Lucy Millett

Lucy started with PKL Recruitment in 2015 as a temporary business support consultant. Her previous profession as a primary school teacher results in a genuine empathetic nature, changing the stigma of ‘recruiters’ in the recruitment industry. Now in 2017, Lucy’s client and candidate network are at its strongest, she is now a senior consultant with an exciting career ahead of her.

Contact Lucy directly on lucy.millett@pkl.com.au or on LinkedIn

Expand Your Search For Application Success!

The benefits of a multi-channel job search!

Job seekers are spoilt for choice with new technology and platforms to assist them in their job search. With the abundance of choices available, many job seekers focus exclusively on online job boards and overlook the benefits of a multi-channel search, which includes connecting with a specialist recruitment agency.


What are the benefits of online job boards?

Job boards are a good way to start your job search, giving you the opportunity to review the numerous positions available in the market and allow you to explore your options, preferences and interests. They provide a good baseline for initial research into the market and available opportunities.


How can you differentiate yourself in a congested market?

Developing a relationship with a specialist recruitment agency is an effective way to broaden your search by adding another job search avenue. Great recruiters will actively search through their current opportunities to identify suitable roles. Engaging with a recruitment consultant is a powerful way to extend your job search as you have the opportunity to engage on a personal level. It also gives you a chance to review your options and refine your interview skills.

A quality recruitment consultant will stay in contact with you regarding the status of your application. Having a professional recruitment consultant representing you also enhances your value and increases your chances of success in the recruitment process.

Whether you are comfortable in your current role or are seeking exciting new opportunities, our team of professional and reliable recruitment consultants can help you!

PKL Recruitment specialises in permanent, temporary and contract recruitment in business support and call centre roles across all industries.

About the Author – Shannon Lippert
As PKL Recruitment’s New South Wales Branch Manager, Shannon is responsible for both the Temporary and Permanent Divisions. Since joining the PKL Recruitment team in 2013, Shannon has always lead from the front, guiding and growing the Sydney PKL Recruitment Branch to be one of the most successful recruitment teams in Sydney. Contact Shannon directly on shannon.lippert@pkl.com.au or on LinkedIn.