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How To Prepare For Your Performance Review

Performance reviews are an essential part of career growth and development. Prior preparation is the best way for you to get the most benefit from your performance review, and ensure you put your best foot forward, towards a successful future. The following are three easy steps you can take to properly prepare for your review.


1. Create a foundation

Start by going back to the basics of what the role responsibilities and performance requirements as detailed in the Position Description (PD). Using that information as a foundation, create a list of all your responsibilities, achievements, strengths and weaknesses. By reviewing your own performance and being straightforward about your strengths and growth opportunities, you will earn the respect of your manager and as a bonus feel more composed during the performance review.


2. Prepare for growth

It is important to understand that you will receive both positive feedback and constructive criticisms on areas for growth. How you handle both can have profound impacts on your career development. Especially when your manager has highlighted some areas for improvement, it is important to engage positively and seek assistance on how you may be able to improve your performance to meet the job requirements. The most important thing to do is to listen carefully to the feedback and if there are any uncertain areas, ask your manager for some examples to help you understand how you can improve. The more readily you can receive and respond positively to constructive criticism, the faster you can progress your career.


3. Plan for the future

Ultimately a performance review is to help you improve your skills and develop your expertise so that you can advance your career through improved performance and contribution to the company. Be prepared to talk to your manager about what can be improved and be honest about your current skill set. This is a great opportunity to set shared goals and expectations with your employer so you both have a clear picture of the year ahead. 

Think about how you can increase the value of your contribution to the company such as improved work processes, attracting new clients, new training and development opportunities that will help you and the company achieve their goals.

Overall, a performance review is a great learning experience about your capabilities and how you can improve and grow your career for the future.