Laser Focus Your Attention

Multitasking is very much ingrained in our lives thanks to technology, social media and the internet. We are constantly distracted and expected to move quickly from one task to the next and back again. You may think you are great at multitasking but something always has to give and inevitably you end up giving attention to one task more than the other.

Business Support and Sales Recruitment is often reactive and as a team here at PKL Recruitment we make a conscious effort to ensure we still exercise laser focus on a daily basis. So how do you improve your laser focus technique?

We asked Sophie Robertson from Younique Coaching for her thoughts on this -

“Laser focus is about applying focus to the things that matter. Have you noticed how some people seem to get a lot more done even though everyone has the same 168 hours per week? They do not have more time. However they do the things that will make the most difference.”

“Brian Tracy talks about this in his book “Eat that frog”, which is about doing the hardest things first in a day, so they get done. Sometimes when we procrastinate, we do the easy non - important things to avoid eating the frog.”

“In recruitment, many recruiters find doing Business Development  the hardest, but often it is also the most important to keep their pipelines full. So for them eating the frog means doing BD first. Whatever your job is, determine what must be done for success and ensure you do this every day and preferably first, so it never gets missed out.”

“When applying laser focus, it is important to be specific, so it is not enough to say “I will make BD calls”. It needs to be “I will make BD calls till I achieve 3 meetings”, then the purpose of the calls is clear, so it doesn’t become calling for callings sake. Laser focus is also about being pro-active and not reactive in your work day.”

Leave your devices alone: Checking your phone, social media and emails will only distract you! Don’t reply to emails or texts straight away, finish your current task, and check your devices at allocated intervals.

Plan your work: This may sound like an extra task, but by planning what you want to achieve. You are able to prioritise your work load and get the hardest task done first.

Set a timer: One of my first managers in Recruitment gave me this tip and it’s something I still use today. Set yourself some achievable start and stop times for each task. Use a timer, this will ensure you stay on track.

By focusing on one task at a time, you give each task or team member your full attention. This is called ‘Laser Focus.’ Having the satisfaction of completing tasks in this way leaves you feeling less stressed and you get more done, less is actually more in this case!

About the Author – Rachel Stefanovski 
Rachel Stefanovski is the General Manager of PKL Recruitment, leading the NSW and VIC state offices. Rachel takes great satisfaction in setting a strong and motivated team culture through engaging with intelligent and driven recruitment consultants. Contact Rachel directly via LinkedIn or