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Survival Of The Fittest – Adapt Or Be Left Behind

The changing face of recruitment.

Print media has been declining for more than 10 years, and many would argue that the industry is dead. The traditional print media revenue drivers such as classifieds, real estate, motor vehicles and recruitment have now all but migrated online with dedicated general and specialist websites.

 Against this rapidly changing media landscape, it is surprising that, according to Changeboard, 36.3% of recruiters continue to publish advertisements in print media, while only 4% of candidates use print media when searching for roles. 

The financial cost in terms of wasted advertising dollars is huge, although the biggest cost is opportunity cost as recruiters and organisations fail to connect with candidates while they are in the active job searching phase. 

So what does this mean for recruiters and organisations wanting to tap into a digitally connected candidate pool? 

  • Organisations must have a strong online and social media presence to position their brand favourably with prospective candidates
  • There must be organisational buy-in and engagement at all levels to adopt a digitally focused strategy
  • When choosing a recruitment partner, it is essential the recruitment company and their consultants are digitally savvy and understand the value of online marketing

A recent survey of top search terms also uncovered some surprising results. While candidates are happy to search and apply for jobs online, they still need lots of assistance in basic resume preparation and interview skills. For example, did you know that ‘how to write a resume’ and ‘how to write a cover letter’ were two of the Top 10 ‘How to’ Google Searches in Australia?

This creates an incredible opportunity for forward-thinking recruitment firms to engage with candidates while they are in the research and preparation phase of changing roles. By helping the candidates with simple tips and tools to manage their career, the recruiter plays a valuable role in identifying emerging talent and being able to match that talent with the needs of their clients – the employers.

Apart from the demise of print media, what are some of the other impacts of technology on the recruitment market? 

Social Media

Leading recruiters are using social media to improve candidate experience and widen the talent pool of potential candidates. Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn provide recruiters with a platform to connect with potential candidates early and direct them to suitable roles online much more quickly than with print media. Online screening and other developments mean the identification and selection of talent can happen more quickly, meaning faster recruitment times.


More than half of total ‘digital time’ is spent on a smart device – smartphone or tablet. Candidates can now view and apply for positions from almost anywhere. Recruiters must ensure that their website, job advertisements and career pages are mobile friendly. 

Are you prepared to adapt to technology and take advantage of the future of recruitment? 

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